Shinken Broker

Has multiple modules (usually running in their own processes). Gets broks from the scheduler and forwards them to the broker modules. Modules decide if they handle a brok depending on a brok's type (log, initial service/host status, check result, begin/end downtime, ...). Modules process the broks in many different ways. Some of the modules are:

  • webui - updates in-memory objects and provides a webserver for the native Shinken GUI
  • livestatus - updates in-memory objects which can be queried using an API by GUIs like Thruk or Check_MK Multisite
  • graphite - exports data to a Graphite database
  • ndodb - updates an ndo database (MySQL or Oracle)
  • simple_log - centralize the logs of all the Shinken processes
  • status_dat - writes to a status.dat file which can be read by the classic cgi-based GUI

To automatically download and install a module, please at least provide a version number, and a type if different from the name.

module.exports = ->
  'configure': [
  'install': [