Hue features a File Browser for HDFS, a Job Browser for MapReduce/YARN, an HBase Browser, query editors for Hive, Pig, Cloudera Impala and Sqoop2. It also ships with an Oozie Application for creating and monitoring workflows, a Zookeeper Browser and a SDK.

Link to configure hive hue configuration over ssl.

module.exports = ->
  'backup': [
  'configure': [
  'install': [
    'masson/commons/mysql_client' # Install the mysql connector
    'masson/core/krb5_client' # Install kerberos clients to create/test new Hive principal
    'ryba/hadoop/hdfs_client/install' #Set java_home in ""
    'ryba/hive/client/install' # Hue reference hive conf dir
  'start': [
  'status': [
  'stop': [